Hold Your Horses – an online game, play for real money!

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Novomatic as being one of the leading and the top production company in the advent of new technology and gaming industry, they have always been developing the new games for gambling. Novomatic has started its services in the year of 1980 and was originated by the Johann Grat. Followed by that, it had become one of the main industries in the supply of gambling games and equipment in Europe.  Then in 1991, the company which is more famous in gambling betting called Admiral Sportwetten company had become a part of the Novomatic company.

Novomatic Company delivers the following software products to the other industries includes

  • Delivers software for playing with gambling live dealers
  • Provides platforms for the live online gambling game
  • Provides desktop casino games
  • Provides software for sports betting
  • Provides software for lotteries and bingo

Novomatic is known for its delivering of many online casino games where the people can able to play the casino games with ease. As we all know that gambling game is all about betting for the possibility of a win which may lead the people to lose all their money or it may lead to getting them the most money as result. After all, a person playing the game is just for an entertainment and fun. A game is just the thing that makes the person feel relaxed for some time. And moreover, when it games like gambling, the game is all about the unpredicted situation where the person has no idea about what is going to happen as a result.

If you are people who love to play thrilling games, then it is the perfect company for you to play with. They also provide a trial period for the beginners and also they have more Novomatic Slots Online https://free-slots.games/novomatic/ click here to get connected with online games casino.

Hold your horse – online casino game

Hold your horse is one of the online casinos thrilling game where the people can get their money for the game. It is the kind of game where any number of people can play at a time. Anyone can play this simple racing game where the person uses the bulk of cards to identify the movement of five horses. The game has all the logo icons, reel one and the double horse. The spinning process will continue until matching of logos happens. In the end, the user will have all the line wins.


  • Unique game
  • Free spins trigger automatically
  • Excellent bonus features


  • No progressive jackpot

Hold your horse game offers unique gaming experience and the excellent bonus feature and winning chances. To get to use this, go for the free games online and secure bonus feature. It depends upon you to play for the reel or real money. If you people have the passion for playing the free online casino game, then just seek for the Novomatic official website. In the official website of Novomatic, people can get to see lots of online casino game where the people can also play it for free.